Welfare activities initially started in 1950-51 with the name of Staff Welfare Fund at Karachi Transferred to the Labour Division in 1952 and remained there upto 1961 with new name of Staff Welfare Organization. Transferred to Establishment Division in 1961. Declared as an attached Department of the Establishment Division in 1982.


Assessment of needs and problems of all Federal Government Employees receiving their salaries from Civil Estimates. Initiation and execution of schemes designed to promote the general well-being of the Federal Government Employees. Provision of educational assistance through award of Stipends to the school and college going children of Federal Government Employees. Operation of canteens in the Secretariat area to enable employees to have light refreshments at economical rates during working hours. Establishment of Ladies Industrial Homes where wives and daughters of the Government servants are taught various handicrafts and skills.

Provision of emergency relief to low-paid Federal Govt. Employees and their dependant in case of prolong illness or death. Setting up of multi-purpose community centers for organizing social and cultural programs as well as for mobilizing voluntary efforts of Federal Government Employees for solution of their community problems on self help basis. Promoting recreational and sports activities amongst Federal Government Employees and their dependent through grant-in- aid and technical guidance to various sports clubs formed by the employees/dependents. Provision of Holiday Homes and picnic resorts for Federal Government Employees and their dependent to avail rest and recreational facilities at place of healthy atmosphere.

Arranging entertainment programs for Government servants and their families such as shairas, Qawwalies, Milad, Variety Shows, Film Shows, Meena Bazar etc. Provision of Libraries for the intellectual uplift of the Federal Government Employees and family members.Provision of Parks and playing fields for physical fitness of Federal Govt. Employees/families.Handling of complaints from Government servants in matter of such amenities as transport, supply of water, electricity, gas fuel etc.

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Address: Staff Welfare Organization G-6, Aabpara, I   slamabad.

Phone: +92-51-9244564
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