Award of Stipend


      It is one of the most beneficial measures instituted by Government to enable the children of low paid Government servant to acquire educational and professional qualification which otherwise would not have been possible for them. The scheme was first introduced in 1955-56 by the Ministry of Education for the children of Federal Government servants equivalent to BPS-1 and 2 studying in 6th class and onward. In 1960, it was transferred to the Establishment Division. The facilities continued to be extended to the children of other classes of Government servants. At present various classes of beneficiaries are as under:-

1.          Children of BPS 1-4 employees studying in 5th class and onwards.

2.          Children of BPS 5-16 employees studying in 6th class and onwards,

3.          Children of BPS-17 and above studying in 11th class and onwards.

4.          Children of deceased Government servants at par with those of serving Government servants.

5.          Children of retired Government servants studying in medical, engineering and polytechnic.


b.          It is due to this scheme that the children of Federal Government Employees have turned out doctors and engineers etc. In order to check the increasing menace of deterioration in the education standard, to uncover the potentials of the individual and develop tendency of competition amongst the talented students, cash award scheme has been introduced since 1981-82. Students who secure 80% and above marks in Matriculation/Intermediate/Graduation examinations are granted cash award of Rs.5,000/-, Rs.7,000/- Rs.9,000/ Rs.3,000/- and Rs.1,000/-Rs. 2,000/-, respectively.


c.          Children of Federal Government servants up to age of 20 years who complete Hifz-e-Quran are awarded cash prize of Rs.7,500/-.


d.     Children of BPS 1-4 employees of Federal Government are also provided stipend for the purchase of text/note books.


e.           Stipends are awarded to the children of BPS 1-4 employees (serving/retired/deceased) pursuing study in science subjects.

f.           The funds are administered by a Stipend Board with Director General as its Chairman.

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